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Shockingly, 34% of Teenagers Suffer from Some Kind of Depression, Resulting in Withdrawal, Violence
and Suicide.


“Discover the TRUTH About How to Treat Teen Depression Before Something Happens that will Negatively Change Their Lives Forever”


Learn How You Can Deal with Your Specific Teens Depression through a Proven Process that will have Normal Communication in As Little As 1 Month!


FROM: Sally Chia

Dear Troubled Teenager Parent,

Having a depressed teenager can be challenging at the least with keeping them motivated but in many cases it's scaring and frustrating as knowing how to handle teenager depression ....

You are about to discover a new way to stop your Teen from depression and improve your Teen’s Lifestyle!

If you would like to know how I got my son overcome and recovered from his depression and now start a new journey happy life… and how you can do the same to help your depressed Teen too!


You are not alone with Dealing with Teenage Depression, I've been there myself


My name is Sally Chia and here’s my story…

I have personally gone from being totally disturbed by his depression, to being healthy and active once again.

During my son’s depression I wasn’t satisfied with the solution of simply taking medication.

But how?

So I did what I do best I read and read and studied and learnt. Go all the way out for my researches, trying to get the best solution for my son’s problem facing…

Seeking advice from difference professional, likes Doctors, Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.

One thing for you to remember is…


As many as 8.3 percent of teenager suffer from depression for at least a year at a time and of 90% of parents don't know the warning signs of depression and if they did, how to go about fixing it!


As youngsters move toward adolescence, the incidence of depression is estimated in the surgeon general’s report to increase at least 10 percent of children. With children twelve to seventeen years old, the complaints that lead their parents to seek treatment for them are likely to be withdrawal, fatigue, a generally sad demeanor, and the increased possibility of drug or alcohol abuse. Parents may actually have more of an opportunity to become aware of depression in older children because they are more capable of expressing their feelings.

Too many teenagers suffering from the symptoms of depression will never be identified, and they won’t receive the treatment they need and deserve. Many parents have not knowing that their children had been clinically depressed until months or even years after the initial symptoms appeared.

Facts on teen depression:

  • Depression is the world's number 1 psychological disorder
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst teenagers

Report findings:

  • "90% of teenager suicide victims were suffering from at least one diagnosable, active psychological disorder at the time of death. Most often this disorder was depression!"
  • "It is absolutely necessary that we as parents and friends and even teenagers themselves, should be able to notice the warning signs of depression and of suicide! The importance of this alarming statement is accentuated by the fact that only 15% of suicide victims were receiving treatment at the time of death."


One of the leading factors to a teen going into depression is a result of peer pressure and values not coinciding and then as a parent, dealing with this is ……..

  • Find that your teen is either doing activities that they don’t usually do or your influence seems to just cause conflict.
  • Their attitude / language starts to change and you no longer seem to be able to communicate and have any kind of conversation with them anymore which is leading to disconnection.
  • Are your other children or friends having more conflict with him?
  • Does your teen avoid doing things that she used to enjoy?
  • Do you have a child struggling to come to terms with significant grief and loss?


Here are some less common symptoms of depression…. 

  • Peers Prevention – What to do when peers exert pressure leading your teen into bad behavior.
  • How to Deal with Teen Truancy – What do you do when your teen won’t go to school.
  • Your Teen and the Internet - Is your Teen obsessed with the Internet? Why? What behavior in your Teen indicates that this might be a problem and what can you do about it?
  • Has your teen been having trouble concentrating? Does he find it harder to make decisions than before?


But… Prevention is always better than cure. How can we prevent teenager getting depressed in the first place?


  • What Are The Warning Signs – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Dealing With Teen Depression – How to spot depression in your teen and what steps to take.
  • Is Your Teen ADD, ADHD or Bipolar - What behaviors would indicate a medical problem as opposed to just bad behavior and how to cope?
  • Treatment for Your Teen - How to know when your Teen requires professional help?
  • Is Your Teen an Underachiever – What can you do to help motivate your teen to work up to their potential?


Ask for help whenever you feel your Teen is at any Risk for hurting herself…..


  • Is Your Teen Violent – Exploring the dangers of violent behavior and how to end the cycle of violence.
  • Is Your Teen at Risk for Suicide - How to spot warning signs and what to do with your suspicions.
  • Your Teen and Substance Abuse – How to determine if your teen is taking drugs or alcohol and what steps to take to get it under control.
  • Has your teen expressed that life is not worth living or that she would be better off dead?
  • Have you found notes expressing suicidal ideas?

If any of these points hit home, don’t waste another minute. Make certain you are doing everything you can to insure success for your child.


Teenage depression is one of the most common illnesses among adolescents, and teen suicide is the second leading cause of death.

If you suspect that your teen is depressed, you'll want to learn more about what depression is, what causes it, and what you can do if your teen is depressed.

If you’re like me you’ve probably been in this position before…

Maybe you had wasted hundreds of hours of your time and probably a lot of money, trying to find all this quality information in all the different places.

And you could waste literally years making the same mistakes, if you don’t have someone experienced to guide you.

I had found out there are a lot of books on this depression topics, but very few (and very good) books that focuses specifically on teenager depression, and personally experience to guide teenage overcome and fight over these depression and start a new journey of life.


Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of
Depressed Teen

If you have come to this website looking for information on teenage depression then you are in the right place. But before you read on ask your self the following questions:

  • Does your teen have trouble complete schoolwork or a recent decline in school performance?
  • Low self esteem and guilt.
  • Significant change in weight (loss or gain).
  • Has lost a lot of energy, complains of feeling tired all the time.
  • Does your teen withdraw from friends or social activity?
  • Sadness, anxiety and hopelessness.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you will want to read this letter word-for-word because I am going to tell you how to solve these problems and much more…

There's No 1 Answer to Dealing with Teenager Depression, so knowing all alternatives will solidify you being able to work with your teenager


There is no one-size-fits-all approach for teenagers who are depressed. Unfortunately, no book can give you a definite answer.

What I can do is give you a sense of some of the indicators that have been linked to teenager who are at risk and how to deal?

  • Make sure that your child is properly diagnosed. An incorrect or incomplete diagnosis can lead to the wrong treatment or prevent you from accessing strategies that would lead to more success.
  • Focus on your Teen’s impairments and not on a label.
  • Don’t focus on all the negative things that happen. Try to pick out one positive thing that your child does each day.
  • Make sure of an extended support group. You may need someone to watch your child so that you can take a breather.
  • Don’t put too much academic pressure on your teen if he is very stressed out.


“A Guide to Overcoming Teen Depression that is presented so that any parent will be able to follow the steps and implement”

When I was wanting to help my son through depression none of the books out there were designed so that you are looking for but couldn’t find.

That’s why I dedicated the past year of my life to do research and writing my own e-book, “Overcoming Teen Depression” so that no parent will go without having the tools to work through their child's depression.

The reason for me to write this e-book is to provide other parents who have depressed teen with tools and advice on the same problem that I have to face at home and school. I have often turned to books and the internet for various researches regarding my own son’s depression issues. However, I have yet to find a place where all the information would be easily accessible. It’s difficult to find a book targeting teen depression only. So, I would like to share all the best researches, tools and knowledge with all of you in this amazing book.

For the past four years, my future looked fuzzy and painful to endure but looking back, it has made me a better mother and understands teenage feelings better.
In sharing my experience and insights with you, I hope you will take this opportunity to see if any part of my experiences is similar to your, and you can take and apply to your own. This e-book is not a replacement or substitute for professional counseling. It is meant to share my personal experience and insight.

And here’s just some of what’s inside you will learn…

Help you to identify and understand depression, as well as gain insight into what teenage depression is and how it is diagnosed and treated.

You will learn how to differentiate depression from ordinary sadness, create a home environment that will support a Teenager’s healing, and get the right kind of outside assistance from professionals, including doctors, psychologists and teachers.
You will get tips on how to better communication and resolve conflicts with a depressed teen, work effectively with the school system and deal with family problems that depression generates.

You will also learn what to expect in the counseling process and will develop a better understanding of the medication used to treat depression symptoms.

You will able to learn the effects of depression in teenagers
A guide to parenting the depressed teenager and begin a new journey.
Learn how to prevent your teen from depression

Learn proven techniques that will definitely help you feel better and take steps forward to recover.

How to creating a Personal Plan to overcome you’re Teen from Depression?

  • Plan a strategies to develop you’re teen more positive thoughts.
  • Guide him using relaxation exercises to help decrease the tension a teen is carrying in his body.
  • Always give him best support and encourage him, assure him that he can come to you at any time to talk and you’ll really listen.

Strategies for Creating a Supportive Environment

  • Make a list activity that your teen likes to engage in by him.
  • Create a list of situations that cause stress in your household, and have a family discussion on how they can be improved.
  • Have your child make a list of events or activities that seem to reduce her stress.

Creating a Supportive Environment is Key to being able to have Your Teen feel comfortable and secure in Their  Communication to You


  • How to create lists of activities that will help your teen looks forward to, such as baking cookies, watching a video or playing a game.
  • Make a list activity that your teen likes to engage in by himself so that he would like to try in the future.
  • Create a list of situations that cause stress in your household, and have a family discussion on how they can be improved.
  • Have your teen make a list of events or activities that seem to reduce her stress.

This just scratches the surface of what’s in the book.

I give you everything you need to give you the best shot at getting your teen overcome from depression.

I’m sure that right about now, you’re wondering…

Stop worrying about what to do and start taking action towards working with your teenager through their Depression, my ebook will give you all you need to be a role model again.

The real question is ask is: how much is it worth to finally know all the stuff about getting your teen healed from depression desperately NEED to know?

I suppose you could do what most people do – just “make it up as you go”, and use the “trial and error” method.

The average parent that’s working with a teen and depression will usually have 6 sessions with a counselor that can cost up to $120 per session meaning on average, just for counseling you could spend $720 trying to figure out how to deal your teen’s depression problems by yourself on seeking help from Counseling and researches and it will most probably cost you $2000 over the next six months.

Most books out there will not walk you through what you really want to know yet they start at $18 per book so in order to get all the real information you would need you would have to spend at least $250 - $1500 plus easy on books and not get all the information you need and this isn't even considering the time you've had to spend reading them and then have to figure out what you could use.

But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I’ve put into this simple book?

And I boil it all down for you in very simple, easy to understand terms. Less than 150 pages – all information you can put to work right now.

Utilize my experience and times that I’ve spend putting together …. Order Your Copy below of the book just $24.95

But wait, there’s more!

For A Limited Time, Order Now And Get These Free Bonus Gifts Valued Worth At $80.00

Plus, if you Order Now I’ll include the following free bonus gifts:

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You Get The Book Plus The Bonuses

If you place your order right now you can right away and start helping your teen recovered from his depression and start a new journey happy life plus an additional bonuses:

And in just less then 2 minutes, you can download it to your computer right now.

So, as soon as you have placed your order, you will have instant access to it. No waiting in the mail for the book to show up!


But like you, I’m sometimes skeptical about buying stuff on the internet.

And I want you to be satisfied and happy with your purchase.

Well, if you are not satisfied that my book isn’t up to par, than I want you to keep the book. That’s my 100% Guarantee.

Simply ask for a refund.

Yes, I mean it, if you are not satisfied with the book than I will give 100% of your money back. No question asked!

Get your copy of the book right now!

Download NOW !!!

You can get INSTANT ACCESS to invest in this “life changing offer for your Teen” Right now – even if it’s 4.30 a.m.! What are you waiting for.

You will be glad you did!


Best wishes,

Remember that the sooner you start with the simple steps in my e-book, the sooner your teen will be free from the pain of teen depression can become healthy and a successful teenager again. You can be on the path to eliminating YOUR Teen Depression to Achieve A Trouble-Free Life by ordering “Overcoming Teen Depression”, NOW.

P.P.S. Don’t forget about the bonuses that, on their own, are worth at least $80, about twice what you’ll pay for the e-book: “untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide to your teen”.

P.P.P.S. I don’t know how long this price will be at. Don’t be surprised if you check again and see this price go up $10 or even $15 more. Secure the lowest price by clicking below to order.

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