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About Us - Teen Depression Tips

I am a mother of three wonderful sons. Some of you may wonder about my credentials regarding all the information that I provide. Well, for now, I am a Life Experiencoligist....and I am still studying in Counseling, specifically dealing with Family Relationship and Parenting.

I am not a trained Psychologist, but I do have experienced raising up a depressed son having suicidal thoughts, feelings and attempts at home. Over these four years with the help of support group in “Prayer”, Counselors and Psychiatrist dedicated efforts and support. Finally, my son had overcome from depression completely.

My life experience ranges from being married, having my eldest son going through depression ……. The reason for me to write this e-book is to provide other parents who have depressed teen with tools and advice on the same problem that I have to face at home and at school. I have often turned to books and the internet for various researches regarding my own son’s depression issues. However, I have yet to find a place where all the information would be easily accessible. It’s difficult to find a book targeting teen depression only. So, I would like to share all the best researches; tools; and knowledge with all of you in this amazing book.

For the past four years, my future looked fuzzy and painful to endure but looking back, it has made me a better mother and understands teenage feelings better.

In sharing my experience and insights with you, I hope you will take this opportunity to see if any part of my experience is similar to your, and you can take and apply to your own.

This e-book is not a replacement or substitute for professional counseling. It is meant to share my personal experience and insight. In writing this e-book, I offer you a beacon of hope despite your belief or faith.

My hope is that, after reading this book, you will be empowered to see your teen depression with a bit more objectivity and understanding. With this understanding, you will develop a deeper appreciation of the nature of your own thinking and experience.


For further information contact sally@teen-depression-tips.com



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