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Here’s what other parents and caregiver of teenagers have to say about this book:

“…awesome book with very helpful information. Great for parents with teenagers…”


B. Findlay, Kansas, USA.

"While my oldest daughter is only twelve years old, I immediately realized that this book could help me with raising her even before she officially becomes a teenager. I have already begun to experience some strains on our relationship, but this book gave me new insight and approaches that I alone would not have thought of."

Grace Yong. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“This book is very helpful and specific to teen depression. Each child is different but this gives you useful information to be used on different kinds of young people. The book is realistic and helpful. I have recommended it to several of my friends – Great book.”

J. Huber, Lenexa, KS.

“Great Stuff! This book is really powerful that opens up my mind with details insight to address every specify issues. As we know teenager today is our future leader, this book really practically helping different kinds of teenagers. This is wonderful gift for parents and teenagers today.”

Kevin Low, Penang, Malaysia.

“I found this book to be very informative, help me to understand and as well as gain insight into what teenage depression is and how it is diagnosed and treated. I would recommend it for any parent who is not sure whether a teen is depressed.”

D. Cruz, Kansas City, Mo, USA.

“This book has helped me coupling with the stresses I have encountered with my teen daughters. I am now more understanding and willing to listen to their problems. This book is for all the mothers with teenagers.”

Fatima Hughes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“It took me half a day to read your e-book “Overcoming Teen Depression”. After I understood where to find help for my son, I took action immediately. It is now three weeks later and our home had return peace again.”
Thank you.

Sarah Hoe, K.L. Malaysia.

“Our home was a place of constant nagging and resentment, moans, groans and conflict. This book is helping me to not get angry at my teen; the tips are extremely helpful. It is a very practical book that is not bogged down in theory. It has been a great inspiration to me and gives me the courage to face another day with my teen.”

Pam W, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

“Anyone who had a teen suffers from depression should read this concise, helpful, easy-to-follow guide. It can change your teen’s life”

D. Sarver, Overland Park, KS.

“My daily life is full of challenges of living with my teen on “I don’t care” attitude…” After reading this book, I follow the guide on how to resolve conflicts with my daughter. It works effectively to solve our problems.”

Joyce, Bangkok, Thailand.

“I’m a new generation daddy of a 5 years old girl.
I’m lucky do not facing critical child problem at this point of time, but it doesn’t mean never happen to my love one in future.

I have asked a lot of parents how they handle teen depression, majority of them just told me “the children will manage themselves when they grow up” or “I teach them what my parent taught me”. The old mindset is definitely cannot use for children now!

The Teen Depression E-Book tells me what the teenage sign, symptoms and problems are facing nowadays and how to prevent or/and overcome the problems before it’s too late. They are many parents and teachers need this E-Book as guide. I am recommending this e-book to my friends and relatives.

Donald, Malaysia.

“I had the pleasure of reading this truly wonderful book. I recommend that parent who has a depressed teen at home should read in book. There were tons of new ideas to raise up teenager that have depression.”

R.Catchpole, U.K.

“This book is realistic and helpful to parents that have depressed teen at home. I have recommended it to several of my friends – Great book.”

K Yeap, Chicago, IL, USA.



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